Asphalt, 100% Recyclable!

Pulverizing (also known as "reclaiming") is the process of grinding up the entire depth of the asphalt layers and a portion of the underlying aggregate base. This new mix is then graded and compacted, upon which a new asphalt surface will be placed.

The pulverized asphalt is recycled in place, essentially eliminating the need and expense of hauling the material away for further processing. The new pulverized base provides a stronger base than the previous, and precious raw materials are saved in the process.

Pitlik & Wick also provides milling services. Milling is the process of removing a layer of asphalt in preparation for a new asphalt layer to be placed. The milled asphalt is trucked to one of our facilities where it will be 100% Recycled and used again. 

The milling process profiles the road and removes surface cracks, fillers, heaves, ruts, and potholes. Milling, in addition with an asphalt overlay makes the new road resistant to water infiltration and provides a smooth ride. Milling can also be used to remove a layer of soil or gravel from the roadbed. 


Foamed asphalt stabilization is also an option. This process injects "foamed" asphalt into the road base while pulverizing. This type of soil stabilization is recommended in areas with poor sub-grades  such as swamps or marshy areas. A strong base is key to ensure a long lasting pavement. Here's a link to where Pitlik & Wick has used foamed asphalt 

Foamed Asphalt Stabilization


Pitlik and Wick also has a mini mill for smaller jobs. This is used to cut out joints in asphalt in preparation for new pavement, as well as cut around man hole covers and other objects in asphalt.