Asphalt Paving Driveways To Highways™

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Pitlik & Wick produces asphalt at several plants throughout Northern Wisconsin. Our dedicated engineers, estimators, and road crews have the knowledge and resources necessary to meet your project goals. Our company is a leader in the industry and provides hot mix, warm mix, and cold mix asphalt for various customers. Above: Hot mix asphalt being produced at one of our facilities.

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Asphalt is the preferred pavement because it is 100% recyclable, flexible, long lasting, smooth, and cheaper compared to other pavement types, making it the most economical choice. Above is a new parking lot constructed and paved by Pitlik & Wick Inc. 

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Our plants use state of the art technology to provide asphalt that is used on interstates, highways, roads, parking lots, private driveways, and many other projects where a durable, smooth, long lasting driving surface is required. Above: Paving a county road with a transfer machine in order to meet strict smoothness specification.

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New Road™

New Road™ is an asphalt overlay developed, tested, and produced exclusively by Pitlik & Wick Inc., to give customers a cost effective, yet durable, longer lasting alternative to current pavement construction Practices. ​Above is a picture of a completed New Road™ project.


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