Recreational Facilities

Pitlik & Wick constructs various recreational facilities, including bike paths, athletic fields, parks, and much more!

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Tennis & Basketball Courts

Pitlik & Wick installs tennis & basketball courts of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We can completely build a new court, or touch up an old one to make it look like new! Our experienced crews use the highest quality and most durable paints to ensure your court will last for years to come, and provide great enjoyment to whoever uses it. A great variety of colors can be chosen to suit your style. Pitlik & Wick is also a certified basketball hoop dealer and installer. Contact us for more details and pricing!

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Bike & Snowmobile Trails

Pitlik & Wick installs bike trails and snowmobile trails throughout Northern Wisconsin and the surrounding area. We use a high performance aggregate known as Trail Bond™ to be used on these trails. The material is placed using conventional highway equipment, allowing a grade and slope to be placed on the trail ensuring smoothness and proper water drainage. To see the trails currently being constructed, please visit

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Ball Fields

These Fields are constructed using state of the art electronics and GPS control, guaranteeing they are constructed with desired slope  and drainage, and a field free of bumps and holes. Numerous baseball and soccer fields have been constructed using these methods, and have achieved outstanding results. 

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Athletic Tracks

Pitlik & Wick has constructed many of the athletic tracks schools around our area use. The same quality and equipment used on state highway jobs are used on these tracks in order to ensure a level, safe track. 

Car Racing Tracks

If you visit Northern Wisconsin in the summer months, one of the many available activities include racing your friends and family on a go kart track. You need a smooth surface to pass your friend while taking the inside line in turn 1, and that smoothness is provided by Pitlik & Wick's experienced asphalt crews. 

Boat Landings

Pitlik & Wick also constructs boat landings! We can place pre-fabricated concrete slabs in the water with a new base and also pave the parking areas, entrances, and approaches. 

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