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Sealcoating is a cost effective way to keep your asphalt driveway or parking lot looking like new while extending its usable lifespan for years to come. Sealing your pavement protects it from dirt, debris, sunlight, and water. It also gives your asphalt a like new appearance, adding cosmetic value. Sealcoating your asphalt is recommended every 3-5 years



Crack sealing is essential to having long pavement life. It helps keep water out of the pavement structure and helps prevent the asphalt from heaving, cracking further, and forming potholes. Crack sealing should be performed regularly on all types of asphalt every 3-5 years, including residential, commercial, tennis courts, roads, and highways

Flex Patch 

A strong blend of polymer rubber, polyester fibers, and asphalt injected aggregate, Flex patch levels and seals dipped cracks in roadways responsible for rough rides. Flex patching works best when applied in combination with chipsealing or asphalt overlay


Chip seal is applied by spraying a layer of asphalt emulsion onto the road and then applying a fine rock aggregate directly on top. Chip sealing over existing asphalt protects it from oxidation, improves ride, prevents raveling, and also prevents water from entering the pavement structure. A chipseal surface is recommended for town & county roads, and state highways

Repair & Patching

We offer several different methods to fix failed asphalt areas and potholes, including infrared and sawcut & replace. We strive to provide as little disruption to our customers as possible, and in most cases, the patches can be repaired and ready for traffic in the same day. 



A shoulder provides an asphalt pavement strength along its edges or borders. This helps reduce edge cracking, as well as provide safety for vehicular traffic. A shoulder also helps prevent washouts and erosion. Pitlik & Wick has a variety of materials to help "dress up" your asphalt, including gravel, red granite, and various stone products

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Pitlik & Wick offers striping on all size lots. We can help you layout and adjust your lot to maximize parking space and improve traffic flow


Thermoplastic Snowmobile

Thermoplastic snowmobile crossings are applied to protect the asphalt from wear and tear caused by snowmobile traffic. 

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