What We Do.

Pitlik and Wick, Asphalt, Blacktop, Paving, Interstate, Caterpillar, Transfer Machine, Shuttle Buggy

Pitlik & Wick is dedicated to quality and service. Our company employs fully trained and certified Civil Engineers, Environmental Engineers, and State Certified Lab Technicians to ensure projects are managed effectively, on time, and with outstanding quality. We specialize in highway projects, airport runways, parking lots, local and residential streets, driveways, tennis courts, athletic complexes, as well as recreational trails and bike paths. 


About Us.

Pitlik and Wick, Hot Plant, Asphalt, Warm Mix, Blacktop, Paving,

Pitlik & Wick Inc. was founded in 1952. It is currently a third generation family owned and operated business focused on providing high quality goods and services to residents and contractors throughout Northern Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. 

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Pitlik and Wick Asphalt Paving Wisconsin Blacktio Hot Plant Crushing Road Construction Pavement Maintenacne

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Pitlik & Wick

Our Materials.

Pitlik and Wick, Rock Aggregates, Gravel, Quarry, Stone, Red Granite,

​Pitlik & Wick is also a major supplier of construction materials to businesses and homeowners. These materials include everything from crushed rock, gravel, topsoil, and many more materials! Click here for our full list of all the products available 

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