Trail Bond™

High performance bike trail aggregate. 

100% Compaction

Trail bond™ is a bike trail mix designed, developed, and tested exclusively by Pitlik & Wick Inc. It is designed to last longer and outperform current bike trail mixes that utilize limestone. Trail Bond™ is a locally made granite product offered as a substitute to the limestone materials that are typically shipped as far away as Michigan or Southern Wisconsin. Trail Bond™ can save customers thousands of dollars due to lower trucking costs with the high cost of oil.

Trail Bond™ is constructed using traditional paving equipment. This allows for proper slop and grade to be put on the trail if desired. The mix uses natural binding agents which are activated with water during compaction. This creates a tightly bound finished product which is far superior to the "loose" limestone materials used currently. Compaction and Density tests performed show that Trail Bond™ can achieve 100% compaction. Something not commonly seen with other materials. 



The final product is light gray in color. This is desirable for snowmobile trails also as the light color does not absorb as much heat as darker materials, such as the caramel color of limestone. This leads to less snow melting, allowing snowmobiles to ride later in the season, improving the economies wherever these trails lead.

For more information about where Trail Bond™ is currently being laid, please visit the Great Headwaters Trails Facebook page at