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Pitlik & Wick Inc. has been providing high quality products and services for the construction industry for over 60 years. Along the way we have been recognized with numerous awards from the Wisconsin DOT and the U.S. Bureau of Aeronautics for completing projects with outstanding quality and completing them on time or months ahead. 


Our asphalt is tested by our own WisDOT state certified technicians, guaranteeing quality mix. It is tested during production, on the job site  and after completion. Other companies use Pitlik & Wick's asphalt as well because they know it is produced with outstanding quality. Quality Control isn't something limited to just the biggest and highest profile jobs. We use the same strict processes and procedures on your driveway as we do on an airport or busy state highway. 

The staff at Pitlik & Wick Inc is highly experienced and expertly trained. This ensures that the work we perform is done to the best of our ability. We take a great deal of pride in our work, and when the job is completed, so can you. 


At Pitlik & Wick Inc, safety is our top priority. Our workers may be exposed to hazardous situations and often are in close proximity to moving traffic. They must be alert at all times and aware of their surroundings. Pitlik & Wick Inc strives to limit these situations when possible and is committed to training and educating employee's to minimize risks. All employee's are MSHA, OSHA 10, and first aid certified, as well as other specialized site specific training. 

Pitlik & Wick is committed to the elimination of worker injury throughout our operations. We are not willing to tolerate any injury to our own workers, or to the workers of any contractor while engaged in our projects. Any lesser commitment conveys the message that accidents are inevitable and that some level of injuries are acceptable. Meeting this challenge takes a great deal of hard work, time, and requires a commitment to safety from management, employees, and contractors on our projects.

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