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Once your driveway is paved, the best way to keep it looking like new and last longer is with proper pavement maintenance! Not maintaining your pavement in the short term will cost you in the long run. The chart to the left show's how important maintenance is to your pavement. Pitlik and Wick's crews have the experience and ability to satisfy all of your pavement maintenance needs. There are several options available for how to maintain your pavement, and are briefly described below. 

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Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is essential to having a long life pavement. Crack sealing helps keep water out of the pavement structure and will prevent the asphalt from heaving, cracking further, and forming potholes. At Pitlik & Wick, we don't just seal the cracks in the pavement, we take all the proper steps including routing the crack, cleaning, heat lance, and rubber seal with final cleanup. All these steps are essential to making sure the job is done right and will last for years to come. Crack sealing should be performed on all types of asphalt including residential , pathways, parking lots, tennis courts, roads, and highways.

Pitlik and Wick, Sealcoat, Sealcoating, Sealing, Pavement Maintenance, Crack Sealing, Crack Filling,


Seal-coating is a cost effective way to keep your asphalt driveway or parking lot looking like new while extending its usable lifespan for years to come. Sealing your pavement protects it from dirt, debris, sunlight, and water. Perhaps most importantly, seal-coating your asphalt protects it from gas and oil spills, and winter de-icing salts. It also gives your driveway a like new appearance, adding cosmetic value. Before your driveway is seal-coated  our experienced crews clean the pavement,  fix any tire or wear marks, and fill all cracks. Pitlik & Wick also includes a 1 year warranty on our seal-coat work. Ask around, most of our competitors do not. 

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Damage Repair/Patching 

​Asphalt pavements, at various times, may need to be patched. Pitlik & Wick has dedicated personnel and equipment suited for asphalt patching and repair. We have many different methods at our disposal to help you with patching. We strive to provide as little disruption to our customers as possible, and in most cases, the patches can be repaired and ready for traffic in less than one day. 

Pitlik and Wick Asphalt Shouldering Shoulder Pavement Maintenance


​A shoulder is necessary to ensure a long usable life of asphalt pavements. A shoulder provides an asphalt pavement strength along its edges or borders. This helps reduce edge cracking. A shoulder also provides safety for vehicular traffic and provides a gentle taper. A shoulder also prevents washouts and erosion. Pitlik & Wick has a vast variety of materials to help "dress up" your asphalt. Construction Materials

Pitlik and Wick Pavement Maintenance Chip Spreading Chip Sealing Oil

Chip Sealing

Chip sealing is an effective way to maintain your existing asphalt. A chip seal surface may also be applied on a gravel base to provide a wearing surface that needs very little maintenance and will provide a dust-free environment. Chip seal is applied by spraying a layer of asphalt emulsion onto the road and then applying a fine rock aggregate directly ontop of the emulsion. Applying chip sealing over existing asphalt protects the asphalt from oxidation, improves ride, prevents raveling, and also prevents water from entering the pavement structure. 

Pitlik and Wick Pavement Maintenance Thermoplastic Striping Parking Lots

Thermoplastic Striping

Thermoplastic striping offers many benefits compared to traditional striping methods. Traditional paint is only laid on top of asphalt. Thermoplastic striping actually adheres itself to the asphalt. This makes a strong bond with the asphalt and is virtually impossible to remove. This means parking lots will not have to be re-striped every few years, and that means more money in your pocket. We also supply and install thermoplastic logos, handicap symbols, arrows, and more!

Pitlik & Wick Thermoplastic Snowmobile Crossings Pavement Maintenance

Snowmobile Crossings

If you've ever been in Northern Wisconsin, you've probably traveled over white crossings on many highways and wondered what they were. These crossings are meant to protect the asphalt surface and are known as thermoplastic snowmobile crossings. Without this, snowmobiles will wear out the road, causing the asphalt to fail and create a serious traffic hazard. Pitlik & Wick can also install these specially designed crossings on driveways or parking lots that receive heavy snowmobile traffic.

Pitlik & Wick Streetprint

Street Print Decorative Paving

​Pitlik & Wick can install StreetPrint on your driveway or anything asphalt! This is done commonly on pedestrian crosswalks in cities. For more information, pictures, and all the possibilities available to you, please visit

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